Sustainability pledge takes George Yard to Green Apple Success!

We’re delighted to share the center has been awarded three Green Apples following the success of our sustainability pledge, enforced over the previous year!

The projects main aim was to work collaboratively with various stakeholders in raising awareness about waste and the benefits of repurposing and recycling plus, reduce food waste and to increase recycling by 10-20%.

We have encouraged National Retailers to use their stores within the Centre to increase awareness around recycling, including Superdrug’s introducing the recycling of medication packets and Boots separating food waste from packaging. Independents have also played their part, with local food operators increasing portion sizes as an alternative to disposing of food and considering options such as “Too Good to Go.”

At the time of the centre’s last Green Apple submission, recycling had increased from an average of 48.66% to 58%, referencing the supporting waste data; the centre‚Äôs average recycling percentage each month is currently 76.55 %, with some months the centre achieving 100% waste.