Essex Pygmy Hedgehogs will be visiting us for the day – an opportunity to see and touch these engaging little characters.  They are foreigners though – native British hedgehogs, which are, of course, under threat, just do not enjoy interacting with humans!

As an additional part of the day, we continue our concentration on the reduce, reuse, recycle theme by offering the chance to win re-useable lunch boxes and bags.  Designed just as much for grownups as for children, we would like to see people giving up plastic wrapping and just using a washable lunch box. A lunch box gives more opportunity for variety and maybe a chance for something a bit healthier?  We will have a handout for healthy hints and tips available to give away as well.

Raffle tickets to win the goodies will be available by donation to both GOSH Great Ormond Street and the Helping Mila Fund, with the draw at the end of the day.

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